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Paul Exben (Romain Duris in an intense performance) is a handsome and successful thirty-something Parisian corporate lawyer with a beautiful wife, two children, and a glimmering future as a partner in the firm he co-owns with his mentor, Anne (Catherine Deneuve.)  But behind this deceptively perfect bourgeois façade lies a desire for creative fulfillment, a restless spirit who despises his conformist life and envies the freedom of his neighbor Greg (Eric Ruf) an uncompromising photojournalist.

Greg's unexpected death throws Paul's life into chaos, and he makes a startling decision that pushes him into unknown territory. Embarking on a cross-continent odyssey of self-discovery and reinvention, Paul experiences what many have wondered at some point in life: is it possible to become someone else?

With Hitchcockian precision and echoes of Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley, director Eric Lartigau (THE PLAYERS, I DO) explores themes of identity and creativity as he tracks this unique fugitive on a gripping journey from Paris and Brittany to Montenegro and points beyond, eliciting suspense out of one man's fear of getting caught after he engineers the ultimate fresh start.

Romain Duris (Paul)
Marina Foïs (Sarah)
Niels Arestrup (Bartholome)
Branka Katic (Ivana)
Catherine Deneuve (Anne)
Eric Ruf (Gregoire)


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